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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

For Kids: Tell Us what you REALLY want from your Parents

What I want from my Parents

Tell me stories about when you were a kid
Give me lots of affection (hugs and kisses)
Spend some time with JUST ME. No siblings included
Make sure we eat meals together regularly
Discipline me. It makes me feel like you care.
Leave me special messages of encouragement
Just give me money
All of the above
None of the above

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North Baltimore Honor Rolls 2nd Nine Weeks
Posting Date: 01/26/2011

4.0 Honor Roll
12th Grade 11th Grade 10th Grade 9th Grade Penta 8th Grade 7th Grade
Tayor Boyer Tim Brown Ricci Emahiser Paige Bowen Heather Eaken Lindsay Davis Leah Hetrick
Felicia Konrad Austin Davis Megan Wright Jasmine Bretz Evan Krotzer Morgan Okuley Kylie Hiser
Joshua Meggitt Amanda Hotaling Brittany Daughtenbaugh Brooke Newell Jacob Pelton Hank Matthes
Madison Mills Emily Lukas Emily Law Emilee Williams Rachel Peters Caleigh Pryor
Corey Povenmire Evan North Hailey Miller Makayla Rein Morgan Rose
Jane Powell Rachel Permitti Tyler Reed Morgan Sams
Emily Stewart Andrew Peters Kaitlyn Shupe
Callie Slagle Chelsea Stewart
Shannon Whitman Mackenzie Stewart
Cody Switzer

3.5 - 3.99 GPA
12th Grade 11th Grade 10th Grade 9th Grade Penta 8th Grade 7th Grade
Mitchell Archer Amber Archer Allyson Flores Garrett Boyer Brice Bankey Mariah Archer Kelcie Bean
Parker Emahiser Alexandria Bland Dalton Ishmael Dominique Buchanan Ariel Franks Morgan Baltz Kenzie Carles
Brianna Ferguson Phillip Ernsberger Leah McMahan Logan Carles Derek Kepling Allison Beaupry Megan Ernsberger
Ashley Miller Morgan Findley Phoenix Parsons Bryan Cotterman Rachel Lincoln Jared Beckford Savannah Fitzgerald
Andrew Senecal Rachel Flores Justin Romick Cory Engard Nicole McNeilly Brock Boyer Oliva Frost
Andrea Smith Jessica Frost Joel Swartz Rachel Gore Heather Payne Leslie Busch Emily Gerdeman
Ashlee Quantic Ashley Galligan Austin Kepling Leann Coppler Zachary Meggitt
Brandy Williams Skylar Hall Janae Rensch Nathan Flores Brody Naugle
Chloe Hamlin Morgan Scholoemp TJ Harshman Tyler Stimmel
Kelsey Hendren Zachary Stewart Kaley McCartney Morgan Wright
Brandon Hiser Zachary McCoy
Amy Morrison Madison Ray
Seth Nickols Christian Richmond
Ashlynn Shiffler Joseph White
Andrea Smith
Tasha Smith
Samantha Trimble
Emily Williams
Miranda Woodruff

3.0 - 3.499 GPA
12th Grade 11th Grade 10th Grade 9th Grade Penta 8th Grade 7th Grade
Niole Buchanan Alli Baker Courtney Bretz Rebecka Adkins Josh Chrulski Taylor Grilliot Victoria Ebersole
Mackenzie Carpenter Derek Bean Cody Cotterman Hanna Brian Andy Cole Jacob Hizer Mackenzie Furniss
Alyssa Pixley Jessica Casey Joseph McPherson Evyn Deitrick Linda Keeran Mariah Leonard Cody Gerdeman
Victoria Wolford Alyssa Crampton Ahshley Wagner Elizabeth Ebersole Austin McNeilly Levi Newcomer Cheyenne Hernandez
Maranda Fenstermaker Danielle Ferguson Victoria Oberdorf Emily Stefanka Zachary Horner
Felecia Mungia Haleigh Fleck Taylor Straley Carol Stockero Stephany Karosa
Kevin Woods Jacob Frost Jada Bauman Kaitlyn Leady
Chase Nichols Erron Sadler Jay McMahan
Jaymie Payne Jagger Murlin
Tyler Trumbull Breeanna Nickols
Samantha Warren Rikko Phamakao
Emma Rister
Lacey Trumbull
Quinn Williams
Chad Wright


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