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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Good Ole Summertime Festival Recap

What did you enjoy the most at last weekend's festival in NB?

rides and games
car show
golf tourney
visiting with people
beer tent
I wasn't there

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Powell Valentine Box Winners
Posting Date: 02/21/2011

JP Miklovic

These aren't your grandpa's Valentine Boxes... Check out the photos below, really not seeing too many shoe boxes used for Valentine Boxes like we did, back in the day!

Valentine Box Winners 2011

Best of Show

Kdg- Gavyn McDonald

1st- Kaydence Reinhart

2nd-Adam Fredritz

3rd- Jaden Bucher

4th- Alivia Light

5th- Isaiah Reinhart

6th- Alexis Julien


Kdg- Owen


1st- Emma Cotterman

2nd- Corrina Adkins

3rd- Zoey Beaupry

4th- Lily Westgate

5th- Aaliyah Girdler

6th- Jasmin Bland


Kdg- Garrett Ziegler

1st- Brendon Woodward

2nd-Zach Weinandy

3rd-Julia Morris

4th- Blayne Keller

5th- Noah

6th- Beth Busch


Kdg- Libbie Bowen

1st- Harley Johnson

2nd- Josh Bridge

3rd- Caden Girdler

4th- Tyler Schwartz

5th- Hanna Rose

6th- Gage Carles

These are random photos taken prior to the judging.


  • Posted Date: 02/22/2011
    WOW... Was this a contest for the parents or the kids?
    By: katie
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