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Thursday, October 23, 2014

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"Why I Love the NB Library" Letters shared
Posting Date: 04/25/2014

During the Celebration of National Library Week, the staff of the North Baltimore Public Library invited the community to share their personal stories of what the library means to them and how it has made their life more rewarding. Here are some of the responses received.

What My Library Means to Me:

*I use the library as often as my busy schedule allows. They offer so many things for adults and kids. My kids use the internet for projects for school and they can check out books and movies so it saves us money. I check out different books, if I don’t know what to read I can ask for suggestions and The North Baltimore Public Libraries’ staff are very knowledgeable and friendly in directing me to exactly what I was wanting to read in fact my family has used this library for generations!

* My family has used the North Baltimore Public Library for five generations. The atmosphere is bright and cheerful. The staff is not only knowledgeable but approachable. I never feel intimidated to ask for help from them. As well as a love for reading I feel my family used this library through the generations because it is an exceptional library with many resources and with the most helpful staff of all of the libraries in our area.

*The library means a lot to me. They are open every day except Sunday and they are “free”. Did I mention they’re Free? We are all welcome. I can always count on seeing the ladies and Steve behind the counter who are always helpful, wonderful, considerate people. I am proud to say they are all my friends. The uses of the library are too numerous to count. All of the knowledge in the world is recorded in books. It’s amazing to think if you have a need, knowledge is the answer and a little knowledge goes a long way. Beyond those library doors is the answer to almost any question. If you don’t know where to look, ask for help. Your librarian is there to help aid you in your need to know. We are all handicapped in our own ways and there is nothing wrong with needing help, just ask! The library is also an aid in my mental health therapy. I have an anxiety disorder. It helps me to socialize with others in a safe, quiet place. I challenge myself every day to spend more time away from home at the library to meditate and de-stress. There are always smiles and sincere concern about each person who enters the doors of the library. Be responsible and always return by the due date. So to me, the library means a lot for so many different reasons. I’d be very sad and lost if I didn’t have use of the library, so I always return by the due date. And I know all my friends at the library are willing to help, all I have to do is ask. If you see someone without a smile, give them yours!

*I would like to tell you how the library changed my life. When I was 8 or 9 years old, my school teacher Mrs.Christman from Perrysburg Public Schools took our class to the Way Public Library right across the street from the school. We would go there about 5 or 6 times a year. She always took me under her wing to show me all of the interesting books, I really think it was to keep an eye on me so that I wouldn’t get in trouble. She is the one who introduced me to reading. I am 70 years old and I still go to the library. I am fascinated with all of the books. I read everything from fiction to non-fiction, magazines, newspapers, and especially the Holy Bible, which

I read every day. Hopefully this will inspire others to use the North Baltimore Library. They always treat you with respect and a smile, they are a great bunch of gals.

*I have been coming to the North Baltimore Library for many of years and the women there are very friendly and helpful with my college studies. I am very pleased with the time some of the girls have taken to help me with things I don’t quite understand with computers yet. Being able to use the computer here is very helpful to me since I do not have one at home. I have been able to use the computers for various things like looking up information I may need for a report for class, printing off files needed for some of my classes and typing up my papers for my many projects needed for my college assignments. I really appreciate having this library in town, where I can come and use their references for free. If it wasn’t here I would have to spend a lot more time driving back and forth to Findlay to use the computer labs at Owens. I would like to thank the girls again, for being there for me when I have needed them. Bless you all.

*I grew up using the Bloomdale Library. With budget cuts my library closed. Bloomdale was a branch of Wayne Library and the distance to Wayne was not convenient for me. I had never been to the North Baltimore Library but people I knew highly recommended it and it is easy to get to as well as just a short distance from Bloomdale. I am so glad that I came to check out the N.B. Library! It has an impressive collection and the staff are always friendly and well-versed in helping me find my information needs. I would recommend the N.B Library to anyone who is looking for a library because it is excellent!

How the library changed my life

*I remember coming to the library every Saturday during my childhood. Mom would drop my brothers & I off while she went to do the family banking. We lived in the country and couldn't use gas for a trip other times during the week. But those Saturday visits let me stock up on books, magazines, and records for the next week. There was also Summer Reading to join and Saturday morning movies. I continued these visits through my teen years. One week I wasn't feeling well and sent a list for my Mom to get for me. While she was checking out, Gloria Weaver told her that the library was looking for a teenage page. She suggested that I come in and apply. I did later that week and was hired. I didn't really know at the time what I wanted to do - but it's turned out to be a perfect fit! Thank You, Gloria!


*The N.B Public Library has been a constant in my life for as long as I can remember. I came as often as I could in fact if I was not at home my family knew to come to the library to find me (this was before cell phones).I have enjoyed watching the library grow and evolve as our little community has grown. I remember helping my daughter with a homework project about careers and she asked me what would be my “dream job”? I stated working at the library. I have worked here for 14 years and I can still say that working at the library is still my “dream Job”. The library has such an important impact on the community that I consider myself fortunate to work in such a place



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