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Monday, October 20, 2014

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Posting Date: 05/09/2014

Indie production company brings fruits of its successful Kickstarter campaign to the Midwest

Continuing with its mission of promoting Midwest art and filmmaking through successful, strong feature film work, Glass City Films will debut its latest project, the post-apocalyptic survival horror film Chrysalis, in association with Huckpoten Entertainment, at an exclusive screening at the Maumee Indoor Theater on May 16 at 7:30pm.

Funded entirely by Kickstarter donations and serving as a prime example of the new wave of crowdfunding sweeping the indie film community, Glass City Films continues to champion the incredibly talented cast and crew available in the Midwest. Glass City FIlms founder and Chrysalis director John Klein says, “We’ve had an amazing groundswell of support for the project through the Kickstarter campaign and social media outlets. We have always put the Midwest crews and talent on a par with what’s available on the coasts and Chrysalis really showcases what we have on offer here.”

The Toledo-originated production company will screen the film for their loyal fanbase this summer at the Maumee while promoting its online launch at

Filmed during the winter of 2013 between Chicago, Illinois, and Gary, Indiana, the Midwestern cast and crew executed a tight budget with difficult locations to bring an amazing story to life. Cast on the surface as a zombie-centric horror film, Chrysalis soon reveals itself to be more about the drama of survival in a harsh world than the guts and gore traditionally associated with the genre. As viewers follow Josh (Cole Simon) and Penelope (Sara

Gorsky) through a post-apocalyptic world decades removed from the outbreak of an infection, the most terrifying aspect for Midwestern audiences will be the snapshot they see of the future their cities might encounter. The true suspense emerges, however, when the nomadic duo rescue the mysterious Abira (Tanya Thai McBride) and slowly determine what secrets she may or may not be hiding.

Klein’s cinematography colleague, Ben Kurstin, lensed the film as well as conceived and wrote the screenplay. “Knowing where I wanted to film and what locations the Midwest had to offer definitely influenced the story,” says Kurstin. “Having them in the back of my mind really just helped it all flow onto the page. I had the crux of it done in 14 days.”

Klein says, “We were incredibly ambitious from start to finish with this project. We knew we could do the film at a certain cost and make it look amazing regardless of the bottom line. It was all about making each spend in our budget really work for us; we were very conscious of that, knowing that our Kickstarter backers had faith enough in us to fund the film in the first place. And we’re incredibly excited to show the fruits of our labor to the Toledo community!”

A Q&A session with director John Klein will follow the screening, and DVDs and other merchandise from prior Glass City Films projects will be available. Tickets will run $10 at the door, with a discount to $8 for online pre-order via Brown Paper Tickets


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