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Friday, October 24, 2014

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NB Village Council Meeting Minutes - April 15
Posting Date: 05/09/2014


I. Pledge of Allegiance

Mayor Julien called the meeting to order at 7:32 PM and led the Pledge of Allegiance.

II. Roll Call:

Mayor Mike Julien-Here, Leslee Thompson-Here, Aaron Patterson-Absent, Janet Goldner-Here, Bill Cameron-Here, Rich Rose-Here, Art Patterson— Here, Clerk Richard Van Mooy-Here, Student Representative Lane Bishop—Here.

Mr. Cameron made a motion to excuse Mr. Aaron Patterson. Second by Ms Goldner. All approved.

III. Approval of the Minutes:

Motion by Mr. Cameron to approve the minutes of the 04-01-14 meeting. Second by Ms Thompson. All approved.

Motion by Ms Goldner to approve the minutes of the 04-08-14 special meeting. Second by Mr. Cameron. All approved.

IV. Public Participation:

Malcolm Cameron addressed council and presented a sketch of a plan that he drew for a railroad overpass located in the vicinity of Poe Rd.

Aaron Patterson arrived at 7:35 PM.

V. Letters and Communications:

Mr. Julien reported on a letter that he had received from a citizen expressing concern about the lack of services south of the tracks. Mr. Julien has talked with the citizen and he explained a couple of options that the village is exploring.

Mr. Julien read a letter that the PUCO sent to a citizen in response to the citizen’s complaint about CSX closing so many crossings at one time. Mr. Julien expressed frustration that the PUCO had not responded to the letter that he sent them on the same subject. He further expressed his dismay that the PUCO basically stated that since the work was now compete there is no complaint.

VI. Administrative Reports:

Village Administrator: Present

Ms Healy said that she received a quote from DGL to provide bid services for the fire hall roof repair. The cost for such services is $4500. Motion to hire DGL to prepare all construction documents and specifications necessary for the building process for the fire hall rook replacement project at a cost not to exceed $4500 by Mr. Cameron. Second by Aaron Patterson. All approved.

Ms Healy reported that the purchase of 36 truncated domes for sidewalks exceeds her spending authority. Motion to allow purchase totaling $4320 by Aaron Patterson. Second by Mr. Cameron. All approved.

Motion by Aaron Patterson to allow Ms Heely to attend the TMACOG Accessibility Workshop on 05-19-14 at a cost of $35 plus mileage. Second by Ms Thompson. All approved.

Ms Healy said that she was getting quotes for the Shelter House #3 work.

Ms Healy received a request from a citizen who has a $3000 water bill due to leak in the owner’s side of the meter. The property owner requests to be allowed to pay an additional $100 on each month’s bill until the obligation is met. Motion to allow by Aaron Patterson. Second by Ms Goldner. All approved.

Clerk: Present

Clerk Van Mooy reported that all liquor permits are up for renewal and that the village has an opportunity to request a hearing if we want to object to an establishment’s renewal. He reported that Chief Baer has no objections to any permit holder’s renewal. There was no interest expressed by council to object so the issue is closed.

Solicitor: Absent. Excused by the mayor.

Mayor: Present

Mr. Julien reviewed a request from the COTW that was made by Jeff Miklovic who represented Chamber. Chamber wishes to install a message sign along SR 18 in the vicinity of the reservoir parking lot. Chamber still needs to finalize the plan in order to secure the necessary permits but Mr. Miklovic asked for general support from council such a sign. Motion to support Chamber’s sign request by Ms Goldner. Second by Ms Thompson. All approved.

Mr. Julien reported that he has completed discussions with Progressive Energy for electric aggregation for the village’s electric service. The company will sell us power at $ .0668 per kilowatt hour with a three year fixed rate contract. The company is still working on aggregation for all utilities for all village residents. Motion to allow Ms Healy to enter into such a contract by Aaron Patterson. Second by Mr. Rose. All approved.

VII. Standing Committees:

Economic and Community Development (Mr. Aaron Patterson)

Aaron Patterson will meet with Ms Healy to discuss downtown sidewalks after she attends the TMACOG Accessibility workshop next month.

Public Safety (Ms Goldner)

Ms Goldner said that we would need an executive session at the end of this meeting to discuss the EMS Chief’s position.

Ms Goldner discussed a meeting with Henry Township. They expressed interest in being included in the reverse 911 and they will pay 28 % of the cost per their safety agreement with the village. Mr. Julien said that American Signal, the Reverse 911 vendor, would not make an additional charge for the township. Motion by Mr. Cameron to authorize the mayor to enter into discussions with

American Signal for Reverse 911 services. Second by Aaron Patterson. All approved.

Mr. Cameron made a motion to instruct the village solicitor to prepare an ordinance repealing the North Baltimore Traffic Code and adopting the Ohio Basic Traffic Code in its place. Second by Ms Thompson. All approved.

Personnel, Policy and Ordinance Review (Mr. Rose)

Mr. Rose received a complaint regarding the monthly brush pick up in town. His committee will review our policy regarding same.

Public Works (Mr. Art Patterson)

Art Patterson made a motion to authorize the Village Administrator to seek estimates for upgrades to Shelter House #3 in a manner similar to those done on Shelter House #2. Second by Ms Goldner. All approved.

Art Patterson made a motion to Award the 2014 Street and Alley paving to Ward Construction at a base cost of $ 99,310 plus alternates for more paving on Tarr St and curb replacement of $ 71,5050 for a total cost of $ 170,360. The total lineal footage of curb replacement will be determined by the Public Works Committee and the Village Administrator. Second by Ms Thompson. All approved except Mr. Cameron who voted no.

Public Utilities (Ms Cameron)

Mr. Cameron made a motion to change the utility rate structure by increasing the minimum sewer payment by $ 5.25 per month and the commodity charge by

$ 4.37 effective with the April 2014 billing. Second by Ms Goldner. All approved.

Finance and Technology (Ms Thompson)

During recent discussions with Henry Township regarding their safety contribution to the village it was discovered that the contact that was approved by ordinance in March 2013 was never signed. Clerk Van Mooy took responsibility for the lack of completion saying that he did not keep track of who was going to get the signatures from Henry Township nor did he track the contract’s return for filing at the village.

It was decided that Mr. Marcin would prepare a new ordinance based on the changes suggested by Henry Township and that it be presented for signatures by the Henry Township trustee , with appropriate follow up by the clerk. Clerk Van Mooy will instruct Mr. Marcin to prepare the ordinance.

VIII. New Legislation, Resolutions, Motions or Business

Aaron Patterson made a motion that Ordinance 14-07 be read by number and title only for the first reading, dispense with the second and third readings, suspend the rules and declare an emergency. Second by Ms Thompson. All approved.

Ordinance 14-07 read by number and title by the mayor.

Aaron Patterson made a motion to adopt Ordinance 14-07. Second by Mr. Cameron. All approved.


IX. Second Reading of Ordinances and Resolutions


X. Third Reading of Ordinances and Resolutions


XI. Other New Business


XII. Other Old Business

Aaron Patterson announced that he has a new job that requires him to work many hours. He apologized in advance for some anticipated absences from council.

XIII. Payment of the Bills

Ms Thompson made a motion to put the bills totaling $ 196,425.92 (SSP $ 86,447.91) on the Claims Ordinance. Second by Ms Goldner. All approved.

Before the vote Mr. Cameron asked that the EMS report contain information regarding claims sent to Great Lakes. The information is to contain the amount sent for billing and the collections.

Aaron Patterson made a motion to pay the bills totaling $ 196,425.92. Second by Mr. Cameron. All approved.

XIV. Executive Session

Aaron Patterson made a motion to enter into executive session at 8:57 PM for 121.22 G1 to consider the appointment, employment, dismissal, promotion, demotion or compensation of a public employee. Second by Mr. Cameron. All approved

XV. Return to Regular Session

Mr. Rose made a motion to return to regular session at 9:28 PM. Second by Mr. Art Patterson . All approved.

Ms Goldner made a motion to hire John Eric Larson as Interim EMS Chief from 05-01-14 through 12-31-14 effective 05-01-14 per the job description at a salary of $35,000 which includes the costs of all benefits. Second by Aaron Patterson. All approved.

Aaron Patterson made a motion to accept Kathy Healy’s resignation for the purpose of retirement effective 07-11-14 with regret and best wishes. Second by Ms Goldner. All approved except Mr. Cameron and Ms Thompson who voted no.

XVI. Adjournment

Ms Goldner made a motion to adjourn at 9:35 PM. Second by Ms Thompson. All approved.


  • Posted Date: 05/10/2014
    Come on now...aren't we paying enough for our water/sewer rates and you raise them?? Just curious...getting any kick backs?
    By: John Harden
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