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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Homecoming Week at NBHS

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ODOT D - 1 Project Update - June 29
Posting Date: 06/28/2014

Interstate 75 Reconstruction -- Auglaize County line to Ohio 81 - Lima, Allen County

Interstate 75 traffic to be switched onto new concrete pavement next week

Interstate 75

  • Next week, southbound Interstate 75 will be placed onto new concrete pavement between Stewart Road and Ohio 81. The following week, northbound traffic is expected to also be switched. At that point, both northbound and southbound traffic will be traveling on new concrete pavement from just south of Fourth Street to Stewart Road.

  • Nighttime lane closures on Interstate 75 will continue to occur from midnight to noon throughout the summer primarily between Fourth Street and the Auglaize County line for shoulder repair. Work is only occurring in the northbound direction. Shoulder repair in the southbound direction has been completed. The repairs will ensure the existing pavement will support traffic during construction.

  • Occasional lane closures are occurring throughout the entire project zone mostly during nighttime hours.

  • Interstate 75 northbound in the area of the Ohio 65 interchange has been shifted toward the median while work on construction of a temporary bridge structure over the railroad north of Ohio 65 takes place. The structure will allow for traffic to be maintained on I-75 during construction.

  • Motorists are asked to be aware of trucks entering and exiting the interstate throughout the work zone at various locations. Heed message boards and signs which indicate lane use, obey the posted speed and use caution when passing vehicles in the zone.

  • Motorists should be aware that all entrance and exit ramp merge areas have been shortened throughout the project area. Drivers on Interstate 75 are encouraged to use the passing lane through the zone if they do not wish to exit. Signs advising this have been placed throughout the project area.

  • Traffic cameras to view the construction area may be accessed at, or at

  • Please drive slowly through the construction zone.

Ohio 81

  • The entrance ramp from Ohio 81 to Interstate 75 southbound is now open.

  • The northbound entrance ramp from Ohio 81 to Interstate 75 closed as scheduled on June 17 for approximately one month for reconstruction. Traffic is detoured south on Interstate 75 to Ohio 117/309 back to Interstate 75 north.

  • Work on reconstructing the service road on the south side of Ohio 81 continues.

  • Traffic both eastbound and westbound has been shifted onto the new concrete pavement from just west of Stewart Road to just west of Neubrecht Road. Traffic will remain one lane in each direction while work at the interchange continues.

Ohio 117/309 Interchange

  • All lanes on Ohio 117/309 in the area of the Interstate 75 interchange are open. Occasional, short-term lane closures will continue for work at the interchange.

Bryn Mawr Road

  • Brynn Mawr Road just north of Lost Creek Boulevard closed June 9 for approximately a month and a half for a culvert replacement.

Johnny Appleseed Bike Path

  • The Johnny Appleseed bike path in the area of the CF&E is closed while work on the bridge overhead takes place. The path is expected to reopen within two weeks.

Medical Drive

  • The most northern Medical Drive entrance to the Orthopedic Institute of Ohio (OIO) is open and will remain open.

  • The Medical Drive entrance south of OIO is closed to the general public.

Yoder Road

  • Yoder Road between Ohio 65 and the northbound entrance to Interstate 75 is open. This is also the access to OIO (Orthopedic Institute of Ohio) and Speedway from Ohio 65.

Ohio 65

  • Traffic on Ohio 65 has been shifted onto temporary pavement in the area of the interchange to allow the existing pavement to be reconstructed.

  • The new traffic pattern requires a reduced speed of 35 miles per hour through the work zone. Motorists are advised to adhere to the speed limit in order to navigate the new pattern.

  • All ramps at the interchange with Interstate 75 are currently open.

Hanthorn Road

  • Hanthorn Road over Interstate 75 closed May 12 for reconstruction of the bridge and for work on Interstate 75 below the bridge. The bridge will remain closed until the fall of 2016.

Breese Road Interchange

  • Breese Road over Interstate 75 closed May 5 for approximately five months.

  • Long-term ramp closures at the interchange are expected to begin in early to mid August. The northbound entrance and exit ramps will close at that time. A month later, the southbound entrance and exit ramps will close.

  • The entire interchange will be closed for the last month of the five-month closure.


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