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Saturday, October 25, 2014

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Update: School Board holds regular meeting last Tuesday
Posting Date: 09/27/2014

Sue Miklovic

The North Baltimore Board of Education held their regular meeting for September last Tuesday. Board member Cheryl Cotterman was absent.

Most of the agenda was standard procedure--approval of expenses, personnel appointments, treasurer and administrative reports, committee reports, and such.

Here are the highlights:

*Approved a resolution authoring the sale of a portion of the former NBHS property to Reineke Motors, for $50,000. Board President Tami Thomas , members Russell Bretz and Tim Archer, all voted yes. Member Jaimye Bushey voted no.

The sale still has to receive final approval from North Baltimore Village Council, due to a necessary zoning change. The village Planning Commission has recommended this change be approved by the council.

*Board Member Russell Bretz will receive a 10-year board member recognition at the Fall Northwest Region Meeting on October 16th.

Superintendent Ryan Delaney:

Mr. Delaney gave praises for all the accomplishments of the sports teams this fall.

He has been researching GPA standards and requirements for recognition at Academic Awards events.

Announced that in October the current amount of bandwidth used by the school system will be doubled. This is a necessary move due to increased internet usage through computer labs. The bandwidth is expected to be doubled again next year.

Powell Principal Mr. Lockwood:

Announced he is planning Academic Awards Luncheons at Powell this year. He is working on Honor Roll,

the A Team (all A's), and BUGS(Bringing Up Grades Significantly) He may be making some appearances wearing a tuxedo, and serving the students with white-glove service.

He is also working to establish a Good Behavior Reward system. Hopefully those earning this achievement, will get to enjoy free time enjoying air blown bounce houses and similar recreation.

Red Ribbon week and Homecoming will be celebrated simultaneously at Powell this year.

He gave KUDOS! to several staff members who have volunteered two hours of time after school, for tutoring of students.

NBHS/MS Principal Dr. Falkenstein:

The district is working on updating the website. "We want people to have to go there to get the info they need", said Falkenstein.

He said Student Reps to Village Council have been selected, although he didn't give their names.

Mr. Kipplen, School Guidance Counselor is holding "Chomp and Chat" at lunchtime, to interact with the students. This is a new approach for student contact.

Announced that the annual Dodge Ball event will be held October 3rd.

Homecoming Week is October 13-18. The traditional Powder Puff Game and Bonfire will be held THURSDAY, October 16th. In previous years this was usually scheduled on Wednesday. This year's Homecoming theme is CITY LIGHTS

He reminded anyone interested there is a STEM Camp being held at BGSU this Saturday from 10-2.


  • Posted Date: 09/26/2014
    Well it's about time we get this school land sold. It really looked nice with all the new cars down there until everyone had a better idea. Now we just have to wait on village council? What are they waiting for? Do they not want new business in the village? All that company has gotten grief since they came here, it is a wonder they don't pack up and leave for somewhere they will be wanted. Same old NB. Same people running it, same results. Good job village council your screwing up again!
    By: nbgrad1961
  • Posted Date: 09/27/2014
    I believe the village wants the business there, it just has to go throught the right order to be done and zoned right and that cant happen overnight.
    By: NB04
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