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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

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Village Administrator Report - Oct. 7, 2014
Posting Date: 10/14/2014

Donna Dettling, Village Administrator, submitted the following Monthly Report at the Oct. 7, council meeting.

1. Meeting Review
• September 23rd- Wood County Commissioners Meeting
• September 24th – North Baltimore Area Chamber Meeting
• September 25th – Jones & Henry Engineers review Sewer Projects
• September 25th – NBLS Crisis Management Planning
• September 29th - Meeting with John Cheney re: St. James Sewer Service
• September 30th- Water and Sewer Budget Review
• October 1st- USDA Sewer Separation Progress Meeting
• October 2nd – Street, Parks, Cemetery & Storm Water Budget Review
• October 2nd – Tour of Wood County Sheriff Department

2. Upcoming Meetings:
• October 6th – Property & Liability Insurance Meeting
• October 9th – Chief Brodbeck, Archbold re: Review Fire/EMS Service Model
• October 14th – Laurie Limes re: Village Website
• October 16th – UniFirst

3. Separation Project Loan Proceeds.

Staff met with Jones & Henry on September 25, 2014 to discuss the Truck Stop Pump Station Improvement and improvements to the head of the sanitary sewer plant.

We also received an update from Andrew Sterling after he verified with the State that the funds are only safe for 5-years, which means we have to spend it by October 2016. Andrew was very apologetic and didn’t intent to mislead us, but will need to spend the money, fund the Bond required accounts, put it back on the loan, or a combination of these.

4. Parking Lot Deed 109 N. Main.

The parking lot property located at 109 N. Main that the village sold to John Fronk and John Laurent in 2010 for $13,000 was NOT transferred to Northwest Ohio Title Holding LLC Trustee. It was just the restaurant property across the street that was transferred to the Trustee.

The deed restriction document stipulated the use of property as public parking and the purchase agreement document acknowledged that plans for the parking lot have been submitted and approved by the Village (included with report is the site drawing). I’m still researching Planning Commission and or Council minutes for approval of the parking lot plan.

The purchase agreement committed the Village to pay the cost to install and maintain lighting in parking lot. There doesn’t appear to be anything in writing regarding the Village’s commitment to installing stormwater management on the site. However, the intent may have been there as the Sewer Separation project would have delayed installation of any improvements on the site.

Neither of the documents mentioned above stipulate a completion date for the improvements; but again the intent could have been tied to the completion of the Sewer Separation Project. Chet Marcin suggested that the Village may consider asking if they could buy back the parking lot for $13,000 and the village figure out how to pay for the improvements.

5. Salt and Brine Truck Update.

Morton Salt will be issuing salt purchase agreements in October for the 2014/15 season. They have not released the per ton cost at this time. We plan to commit to the same amount as last season; 150 tons. Last season salt was $51.97 per ton. The brine truck was used early in the season last year. Brine is only effective when it can be applied to clean pavement. Persistent snowfall events last year made clear pavement

rare. Public Works plans to continue to make brine and use the brine truck.

6. Tree Removal and Trimming Update. Attached is the list of proposed tree removals for 2014. The tree removal bid went out on October 1, 2014, with a bid opening date of Thursday, October 16, 2014 at 2:00 p.m. The 21 trees on the list have been marked, and staff is telling residents that these are proposed removals.

The final list of removals will be prepared after we receive bids. Once we have the final list for removals, homeowners will receive a letter from the Village informing them of the removal.

We are still on track to award the tree removal contract at the second meeting in October or the first meeting in November. The plan is to have the work completed in the month of November.

7. ODOT SR18 Update. Mike Gramza of ODOT provided several documents that establish the understanding between ODOT and the Village of North Baltimore regarding SR 18. These documents confirm that after the completion of the ODOT repaving project of SR-18, the section of existing SR-18 within the Village will be maintained by the Village and the section of the existing SR-18 outside the Village will be maintained by the County.

I would like to recommend that we crack seal this newly improved pavement every year to maximize its useful life.

8. Street Name Update.

The Street name information will be on the October Planning Commission Agenda for review and suggestions on how to handle this going forward.

9. School Officer and Security Services Reimbursement Agreements.

I found the approved SRO agreement for the term August 2013 through September 2014. If I can’t find the August 2014 to September 2015 Agreement (current school year), I’ll work with Chet, and Chief Baer to pull a 2-year agreement and ordinance together for both the SRO and terms for Security Services reimbursement. Staff confirmed that Officer hours are being tracked for Security Service and billed to the School, which is completed one-time per year after basketball season. I’ll work with the new Superintendent and provide a draft to Council for review.

10. Planning & Zoning Update.

The October 21, 2014 Planning Commission meeting packet will go out on October 15, 2014. As a procedural matter, Council will receive this information at the same time as Planning Commissioners.

I’m also working with the Planning Commission to establish the 4th Tuesday as our monthly meeting date. I will let Council know if the October meeting date changes. We have work to do, to achieve consistent application of our zoning requirements and a manageable code enforcement plan.

11. Zoning Board of Appeals.

A variance request was received 9-25-14. A copy of the meeting Notice is attached for your review.

I’m also working with the ZBA members to establish a consistent day each month for ZBA meetings. We’re looking at the possibility of establishing the 4th Thursday at 7:00 p.m. for a regular ZBA meeting. It is very possible as an increased focus on zoning enforcement occurs there will be more activity at the ZBA.

It is also my plan to provide trainings during meetings of the Planning Commission and the ZBA.


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